Judgment · Integrity · Respect


I have served my community as an Arizona State Senator for most of the last decade creating laws. Now I want to administer the law compassionately and justly – to restore faith in the Justice Court.

Prior to serving in the Legislature, I was a licensed substance misuse counselor, a domestic violence therapist, and also taught college graduate-level counseling students.

Over my career, I have earned a reputation for having integrity, fairness, and compassion as my core values.

I know that each individual’s rights are sacred and that all people deserve to be treated fairly, equally and with respect. It is the right of every person who will enter my courtroom to have a fair chance to tell their side of the story and be heard.

Ours is a country of laws and I intend to uphold those laws fairly and justly. As a former counselor, I understand many of the issues facing our community which I will again address in my courtroom. I will work tirelessly to bring compassionate justice to every case that comes before me. I will uphold the letter of the law – innocent until proven guilty. It is my intention to help those who are so inclined to make their lives better so that they never have to appear in any court again.

Please revisit us up through the election in November as I will be adding content.

I hope that I can earn your vote as the next Justice of the Peace in Pima County’s Precinct 1.